On yesterday's date, November 13th, 2010. I was assisting a friend in navigating thru your website to purchase fish, she is admittedly, not computer saavy; thus her request for help in placing her order. She, along with several others were wanting to order fish from your company. In the process of ordering, we were directed to choose an alternate shipping method than the one we chose for $10 and told that the method we chose was for supplies only.

To all our surprise, the alternate shipping method was over $40! At that point, we went to the 'live online helpline' and requested that our order be cancelled.

Well, it seems that the surprises were not yet over! To our disbelief the customer service representative was rude and hostile, accused us of, "purposefully changing shipping methods, wasting the company's time and told that not only would the order be cancelled, but her account would be cancelled." The online rep then said; "please get your fish elsewhere!" and hung up the line.

I cannot believe that this is sanctioned, 'customer service'. Are all customers dismissed this way for a change of mind on an order? The cancellation was requested within a few minutes of the order being placed, its not as if the fish were in transit! It should matter not, a customer should be treated with respect. The cancellation was requested timely and respectfully. Is your business so lucrative that you treat customers rudely and tell them to take their business elsewhere?

Your company lost several customers with that single rude transaction and we intend to pass the word. Indeed, we will take our business elsewhere

Product or Service Mentioned: Somethingsphishy Shipping Service.

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What a loser, who advertises how much a bag costs?? You can buy lots of bags but you CAN'T buy CLASS OR HAPPINESS!! That goes for both you and your boring,cold,angry husbang..

Dayna is mean and a big phoney to all


all of the customer complaints against your company Keith are from your own customers and you know that! yes you do.

you know it based on the specifics they mention about the shipping and all of that. how would anyone else know that?? dana is only involved in her kids lives, that's all she cares about, she hasn't given keith titus a thought in 14 years except for the fact that he stalked her and she was able to prove it.

he hasn't held a real job ever and jumps around from business to business - his parents have to support him because he can't make it on his own. it's all public info that the family talks about, it's no secret, and dana has decided not to keep it a secret either.


She and Gary are richer than all of you put together, lol!!!! Richer than Keith, Traci and the 80 year olds you mention.

Too funny, she doesn't need a dime from any of you... I work for her daughter's school and she just came in with the most amazing $3,000 Chanel purse. You don't know who you're dealing with.

Stop stalking this family Keith. Go back to druging or whatever else you like to do with your spare time and STOP LIVING IN 1997!!!!

Gifu-Shi, Gifu, Japan #216253

Dayna Titus (who changes her name to hide the 2 separate lawsuits she lost against The owner of this company was paid big bucks in damage from Dana Jill Titus and her faterh Richard Marc Rapport. Dana was even sentenced to jail for 6 months.

So Dana Titus, I mean Dayna Titus pleas provide proof you above claim. And remember you have just made a threat to sue. I already tried that in Nov 2009 and and your case was dismissed with Predijuce. You posted all over internet requesting any one who ever dealt with Somethingsphishy to contact you under the name fightingslaner, you got one hit the crazy real estate person, you included her in your last lawsuit and it was DISMISSED WITH PREDIJUCE!!!

How pissed off you were you than became obsessed with hurting the owner, his wife (no one would know her name because she is not part of the company but a noisy, pushy relative that quizzed to no end her 80 year old mother in law.

Dana just remember that all legal documents from the Florida case in 1997, including all depostions even the one agains your dad where he admitted you forged a federal pension plan, the actual doc. written in 1997 but you back dated your signature to 1995 and signed it notorized with Dana J Titus and you were married to someone else in 1995, you did not marry you current husband - Keith the owner you are stalking and slandering everywhere- until March 31 1996, and all documents including your depo and court hearings where you plead the 5th over 100x, an attorney has been consulted and since you have clearly set a pattern of filing erronous lawsuits and making threats on line about filing more, EVERY SINGLE PAGE RELATING TO BOTH LAWSUITS YOU FILED CAN BE SCANNED AND POSTED ON THE INTERNET


In addition to what you said, he also stalks certain people online and causes emotional damage by harrassing them. I pray that you do not become one of them.

If he has your information and knows your name and what you do for a living, you may want to start checking online for any information about yourself by searching on Google. He is a very dangerous person.

I own a real estate business and he went ballistic when I asked for a refund and slandered me online and would not leave me alone. I had to threaten to sue him and finally that made him go away.

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