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DONT ORDER fISH FROM why you ask? There are several reasons and ill go into them each in detail. I ordered 4 discus from "keith" a stand up character who is one person when hes asking for your money and a completely different person after the deal has been made. Each of my discus that I had ordered had something wrong with it. One larger 2inch golden discus had half his tail sheered away- this did not happen during shipping- this fish was skin and bones and half dead by the time it arrived on my doorstep. I also ordered one blue snakeskin 2 inch and the fish came to me at just about one inch from top to bottom- it was basically just fry. Keith does not sell what he advertises for.. i can see him sending one a bit smaller than 2inches but this wasn't even close with two of the 4 fish I had ordered. The other one inch discus a "red scribbled discus" was a bit larger than the snakeskin and more colored in but the side fins were horribly deformed.. it looks like they are broken but he makes his way still around my tank. The 4th 2inch fish came in looking great.. it was a beautiful red leopard discus that was .. ull never believe - actually 2 inches. However I noticed right when I put him in my tank he had small bubbles sticking to him... 24 hours later a clear as day case of ich all over his body. 48 hours later the fish was dead and I had my first ich outbreak in over 7 years of this hobby. In the end of the outbreak- to which [I] am still giving treatment 4 discus had perished either from ich or from sensitivity to the medicine. I send keith an email right after I received my fish telling him that they had arrived and that I was please that they were all survived and I was indeed very happy with my red leopard. 2 days later I was furious and I just couldnt wrap my head around why keith would send me diseased, deformed, small fish. He's not in it because he loves fish he's in it for the money and theres a reason why his prices are just a bit cheaper than the rest. I sent him a follow up email about everything I had just explained and here is what "keith" the big man himself said in response.

On Mon, Jan 28, 2013 at 11:30 PM, Somethingsphishy wrote:


"Unfortunately, you seem to have multiple personalities. Below is copy of the e-mail you sent directly after you got the order.

No mention of anything about a tail missing or Ich or too small. Please get therapy. There should only be one person inside you.

-We have closed your account."

_ So everyone this is exact word for word to me the "customer". If you have read this i'm sure you wont be ordering from somethingsphisy. But to me thats not enough - tell your friends and make sure they dont order here as well. Keith needs to be put out of business for good. For our sake and for all the fish he has trapped diseased and dyeing.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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