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In 5/08 I purchased 4 Discus fish from Somethingsphishy. One was supposed to be a Siam Red Master.

Instead it was a yellow fish. Keith never responded to my query as to getting the wrong fish. 2 of the 4 fish died shortly after arrival. I notified Somethingsphishy with no response.

I posted a negative review which was immediately removed and my account closed. I have since purchased 4 more Discus from a legitimate breeder and all are doing well. The 2 I have left from Somethingsphishy have very little color and may never get much. Please learn from my mistake and buy from a legitimate breeder.

DO NOT EVER buy from Somethingsphishy!!!

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I also bought Discuss and was not satisfied with service at all, Same thing happened to me , what a waste!


All negative comments written by mentally ill jealous relatives. Gary S Titus and Dayna Titus have not had any contact with owner of Somethingsphishy in over a decade.

They are sick, mentally ill and extremely jealous relatives. Very sad that Dana Jill Titus (related by marriage) is such a spoiled "jewish princess" - her own words describing herself!!!! Very insecure and if you check internet she has been sentenced to 6 months in jail in Florida over a decade ago due to her own illegal actions regarding owner of somethingsphishy! She went into hiding and reappeared in San Francisco area with alot of cosmetic surgery to disguise her appearance.

Check out she is a complete *** and is rumored to be a drug addict and been paid for sex. Creepy!!!! Now all the sudden at 45 yrs old she is a professional photographer! No expericence at all!

She is sick, and is a disgusting human being who thinks she is better than everyone else and she cares only about money. She was married and had a small baby when she met her current husband and had an affair and left her first husband for cash. So she could get plastic surgery, and flaunt material things that her poor older husband really can't afford. Sick, sick and extremly mean.

Just google her, she attacks, her own relatives, her brother, neighbors, other professional photographers and other relatives are so embarraseed by her.

I will not allow my teenage son around her own teenage son as she is such a vulgar role model and extremely slutty in appearance. Get a grip nut-job your in your mid 40's your not a teenager cover up that bad-uneven *** job you love to show off!!


anyone who has dealt with Keith Titus and/or Traci Titus of Something's Phishy: Do a Google search for your name. Do you have slanderous comments written about you and or your business?

Several people who has dealt with this company and were unhappy with their purchase found that they were slandered online. They did not suspect Keith and/or Traci Titus because the slander appears to come from someone you know. However, the owners of this company do some basic background checks online to find what business you are in and then slander you as a way to get back at you for attempting to get a refund for your purchase. I had this happen to me, and found out the source through some detective work of my own.

If you would like me to share my story with you please email me at Again, Google your name. If slanderous comments come up on various complaint websites, there is a chance your have been the victim of Keith and/or Traci Titus who own this business. You will likely need a defamation attorney and you can consult with one in your area. The comments in some cases include accusing you of having a criminal record, of stalking people, and of not being a reputable business person, also attacking your body parts if you are a female.


He gets your name, address and other info from your credit card transaction, does some detective work to find out what business you are in, and then slanders you on the internet. If this happene to you see an attorney right away!

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