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I thought i had found a good deal on tropical fish for my tank but what's that old saying if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I went by the pictures on their website and also the pictures they post on Flickr and Viewpoints - come to find out later those are pictures lifted off other websites!

They are not the fish you are going to receive... as i found out. When I received my fish they were sick and did not resemble what was pictured. I nicely asked for a refund and was denied.

Keith and Traci Titus both exploded onto me on the phone using curse words and all kinds of foul language. This is not a legit business. I heard kids in the background so I assume they run it out of their home. I was totally mistreated.

I promptly reversed the charges on my credit card and now I don't have to deal with these losers ever again. But I am warning everyone else out there, dont't do it, the prices sound good and the pics look good but this is a classic scam and fraud operation.

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Dayna Titus and Gary S Titus from Pleasanton ca are mentally ill relatives of owner of somethingsphishy. They have stalked this poor guy and his family.

They are both in legal trouble.

Google Dayna Titus her real name is Dana Titus and google Gary S Titus.


F'in customers why can't you just pay me and let me keep the money, you jerks, why do I have to send you anything at all? It's not fair, it's not fair!

I'm so sick of this bull. I just want your money and you actually want live fish? Come on! You're asking for a heck of a lot here.

I'm a tropical fish company selling fish.. I don't say they are LIVE fish I just say they are fish. Don't f'in blame me when they show up dead or with one eye missing. *** offs.

I still want to keep your momey want's up with all the refund requests? I'm over it. Stop calling the credit card companies, they are going to take away my merchant accounts and then I'm screwed. Can't a guy just make a living flying under the radar anymore?

I don't have to give you a product for your money or provide a service just because you pay for it - didn't you read the fine print? It says I get to keep the money either way, don't you read? I have everyone breathing down my neck and it's not fair. I tell you it's not fair, leave me alone, y'll have the money you rich idiots, if you have the time and money to throw away on those big old fish tanks then why do you care if you lose $50 to me - is it really worth your time?

This is all so annoying. Pass the tequila, it's that time of day thank goodness.


This is keith Titus from

I am sick and tired of all you *** customers that don't know how to READ! If you don't like my fish then DON'T BUT THEM.

I hate *** customers! You are all losers!


i don't see where any Dana Titus has filed a lawsuit in 2009 or any year for that matter. what are you talking about, or are you on the pipe again Traci?


Dana writes all neg. reviews under her name and false ones, ever since she LOST her 2nd lawsuit in 2009.

Dana this company does not have a phone number, you are an ***! The number you keep posting was disconnected over a decade ago! Duh!! This is an internet company and uses live chat and email.

So, of course you are a lair when you state the owners cursed at you on the phone!

LOL! :grin




the person you reference, i happen to be an investor in various stocks, and i looked up what you are referring to and NO the person you mention has not been charged with anything. You'd better watch it before the company's attorneys come after you for defaming their CFO.

You don't know the difference between an investigation and a charge, do you? That's what you get for not graduating high school Keith Titus


this company most certainly DOES have a phonen number? I got it from their Rip off report!

I am an actual cutomer. Are you guys insane?

I don't even know who you are talking about... the person you are talking about isn't related to me and you have not addressed the actual problem of you selling fish that are not the ones pictured on your site, and also not refunding the money to people who receive sick and dead fish!


The company you are complaining about does not have a phone number. 1st Lie.

Second you have been posting lies since you lost in court twice (once sentenced to jail in Florida in 1997) 2nd when you lied in your own handwritten sworn statetments in Nov 2009 in Alameda county and had case dismissed with Predjuice (meaning YOU CAN NOT FILE AGAIN) on 11/12/2009 at Gale/Schonome court house by Comm. John Porter. ALL PULBIC INFORMATION. Since you have attacked over and over using fake names and many lies.

I guess they have caught up with you as your husband Gary S Titus is now charged along with his company Sciclone for fruad. He is the CFO and Vice President and the SEC is investigating him and so is the DOJ (Dept of Justice). Dana Jill Titus, a disturbed person who is related by being the wife of Gary S.Titus and has been spurned for 14 years from his family because of her trouble-making and contstant problems to everyone around her.

Take note, the company above does not even have a phone number so of course "Matt" Dana Titus sometimes goes by Dayna Titus and Dana Jill Titus has been posting nasty lies since she invented a user name fightingslander on 10/10/2009. Very few bad reveiws were ever written prior to this.

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