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We stand behind ALL of the policies that were on the website when you placed the order. We even offered to pay for prorated shipping even though it clearly states that shipping charges are not covered.

The mistake is clearly by UPS. UPS DOES NOT reimburse us for any dead fish. Their policies specifically exclude shipments of LIVE animals. Anything we reimburse you for dead fish will; come solely from Somethingsphishy.

Once again, If you were not willing to accept the policies that were on the website when you placed the order, you should not have placed the order. Also, as it states on the website when you placed the order: If you need it delivered on a certain day, please put that in the comments and we will try to accommodate you, but we do not guarantee delivery on any particular day. As you have become difficult, our next reply will only be after Friday when you will have either received the fish and will then need to follow ALL of the requirements of the Guarantee to get a refund if any are dead or you will not have received them in which case, if they were attempted to be delivered or made available and you did not pick them up, we will not refund anything. It is very disturbing that you are willing to kill fish by not accepting them, especially after you said: This is outrageous that ups will let the fish die at the facility, rather than deliver them or let me pick them up!

After this order has been conclude, we will be closing your account. I would expect your Co will stand behind its product. Cliff On Nov 23, 2016, at 9:56 PM, wrote: Cliff, They should be delivered to your house on Friday. I regret the delay, but you will have to work something out for them to be delivered or picked up on Friday.

If they are available and you do not get them, they will not be covered by the Guarantee. Saying you are not willing to except them, meaning fish that will likely be alive on Friday will definitely die before they get back to us, is every bit as bad as when you say “This is outrageous that ups will let the fish die at the facility, rather than deliver them or let me pick them up! “ We WILL NOT be reshipping fish. As it says in the Guarantee that was posted on the website WHEN YOPU PLACED THE ORDER: To receive a refund, ALL the following criteria MUST be met: You must be available to receive your new fish at the first delivery attempt.

If a package is refused, returned or a customer refuses to sign for the package, for any reason, the Arrive Alive Guarantee is voided and no refund or replacement, for either shipping charges or the contents of the package, will be made under any circumstances. You MUST accept the package. If you do not get them, we will not refund, we will not replace and you will be totally out of the money you spent and will have no fish. There will NO EXCEPTION.

If you were not willing to accept the policies that were on the website when you placed the order, you should not have place3d the order. If you receive them, we will refund for any that are dead when you receive them and just in this instance, we will go over and above and make a prorated refund for shipping on any that are dead. Thank You, Keith From: Cliff Sent: Wednesday, November 23, 2016 8:52 PM To: Subject: Re: Order I was assured they would be delivered today. I do not have anyone to pick them up first thing Friday.

Thank you for your help and response but I am in anesthesia school and will be working a 14 hour day on Friday. I will check with UPS on Friday to see when they will be delivering the fish. I will send you pics on Friday night of the fish dead or alive. The shipping is not what I paid for and I do not want to receive sick fish.

I paid for overnight shipping and that's my expectation. Please enclose a date that you can ship out new fish, considering the fish will be packaged and shipped on Tuesday and potential delivery with be Friday. That's 4 days of shipping and as u stated your fish are packaged for 3 days of estimated survival. Clifford On Nov 23, 2016, at 8:26 PM, wrote: Clifford, Thank you for all you have done to get your fish.

Getting information from UPS can be very inaccurate. UPS still shows it as out for delivery, so there is still a very small chance it will be delivered tonight. I have seen them deliver as late as 9 pm. The main thing we worry about is the temperature and the heating packs going bad.

It is warming up in your area and the overnight lows are now not low enough to kill them. We will file a complaint with UPS. It usually does no good as you have already experienced. FedEx and USPS are even worse.

We pack our fish to be fine in the bags for three days, so even if you get them on Friday, most will likely be alive. Please pick them up first thing. They are covered by the Guarantee even if delivered late. Please see the Arrive Alive Guarantee which is posted on the website.

It was e-mailed to you with the tracking number and was also posted to your account on the website prior to delivery. When you placed the initial order, we sent you an e-mail, and posted it to your account on the website (Please Log into your account and review the Order History), for you to review the Arrive Alive Guarantee prior to receiving the fish. The link to the Arrive Alive Guarantee can be found on every page of the website. Thank You, Keith -----Original Sent: Wednesday, November 23, 2016 8:02 PM To: phishy Subject: Order I have spoken to UPS 4 times today.

I still have not received my fish. Apparently after a long wait on the line they finally found out that my fish were left at the facility and never delivered today. The facility is closed and they refused for me to go pick the fish up because the facility is closed until Friday. They said your company needs to contact them for a refund.

I have paid for the fish and have had a person at my from 7a to 7p waiting for these fish. Please let me know when you will be able to send a replacement order. This is outrageous that ups will let the fish die at the facility, rather than deliver them or let me pick them up!

Please contact me ASAP because I need to make arrangements for someone to be at my home during the day for delivery. Clifford

Product or Service Mentioned: Somethingsphishy Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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