I ordered 5 expensive discus fish from these people....they arrived pale, cold, & with hardly any water in the bags. 3 died within one hour of arrival & the others aren't doing well.

The owner refused to replace or refund stating that even if they were in the process of dying, that they DID arrive alive & that was all his warranty covered. He claimed that it was my fault that the fish died.

Please be warned & do not purchase fish from these people. They are scam artists & will steal your hard earned money...stay away from somethingsphishy...unless you want dead fish!!!

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I am located in Boston MA. I have ordered discus from them many times.

Yes, sometmes weaker one did not make it during the shipping. But overall I am a very satisfied customer. Air shipping does have riskes. The fish does get stressed out.

But if you follow their direction, fish will recover soon. The owner has passion for fish. They send out regular fish care emails. All my questions were answered within 24 hours.

You won't see this from local fish store. Let's face it. The local fish store order discus from SomethingsPhisy as well. But check store sale price!

Again, I like this company. The fish I have ordered are all high quality stock.

No complains. Thank you.

to Keng L. Oceanside, California, United States #634601

NOT!!!! mine died too...

4 of 5 discus bought died within 2 weeks.... The forum I am on.. warns everyone of this company. for there are many many horror stories of things gone wrong..

sorry to inform you..

YOU are very lucky.... its a shame ....


not to be an *** but. I did buy a warrior flowerhorn. that looked like a show red dragon and killed everything in my tank.

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