Was billed $196.00 for tiny discus that arrived dead. Most had broken fins showing mishandling.This website boasts excellent trackrecord in shipping live fish...Don't do it.Don't buy from this store.

I should have researched a bit more before purchasing from them.Don't make the same mistake I did. Get your money's worth...and it won't be from this store.It is a scam.Learn from my experience.No phone number in website...that alone should be a dead giveaway.

I emailed the store and got a rude, unprofessional,wrong spelling short response. BUYER BEWARE!

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PLEASE PLEASE DONT BUY FROM THEM, MY LAST ORDER WAS OVER 200.00 AND ALL DISCUS DEAD WITHIN 48 HOURS. The batch had such sad looking discus with sores and destroyed fins, took them to a local fish store who was set up for sick fish, and they all died overnight.

Check the reviews on other sites and you will see. Buy good quality discus, it will be cheaper in the long run, and the fish will be way nicer in colors.

Oceanside, California, United States #634618

I think we all should get a lawyer and sue him..........


Sorry to hear you have this problem. You need to check to see if you have been slandered online by Keith and Traci Titus.

I am a realtor and when I asked for my money back for sick fish, Keith went around slandering my business. So if he has your name and business, he starts writing bad reviews about you on Google. He can easily look you up by your name and city even if he doesn't know what you do for a living- and then once he figures it out, bam. This is their MO.

They truly have mental issues and I now know of many cases where this has happened. There may be a class action suit, as my attorney is gathering information from others who have experienced this type of slander by Keith. I would encourage you to see an attorney as I did if you find any negative information about yourself (just put your name into a google search, that's all it takes). Keith Titus has a long history of cheating people, he can't run an honest business - my attorney hired a detective and we found out he has a very shady past.

His harrassment extends to family members and customers, just anyone who he doesn't like or who offends him. A total loser to say the least.

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