BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ordered 4 discus.

Two of them were packed bad and had hardly no water and air and were stuck upside down when they arrived. Long story short. One is dead and the other, I am pretty sure isn't going to make it either. The other two are acting great.

I emailed him this morning letting him know one did die. I was wanting to order more fish and instead of getting my money refunded. I wanted to get another fish and pay for the additional shipping to be added to my next order which I would of done today. Instead, He cancelled my account and blocked me from his website.

They are very rude unprofessional. I also did not get my money refunded. I would not take a chance with this guy!

After shipping charges, and the price of the fish. It was an expensive lesson.

  • koi
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Look I'm sorry guys. I can't stop ripping people off.

I'm desperate. The only way to make money in my crappy little town is to make it sound like I can deliver on my promises. I say that we have a "warehouse" and there are "no visits allowed". Well that's because I, uh, run the fishy business out of my little house.

Yeah see my wife (she had just a little drug problem a few years ago but I swear she is normal now, no really she is not as bad as the police made it sound!).

Wish I didn't have to rip y'alls off but a man has to feed the wife and kids, so settle down. After all, it's buyer beware so it's ya'llses fault for buying if you haven't checked my bad reviews first ahahahahah

-Keith Titus

Houston, Texas, United States #856685

I did ordered 6 fishes from them ! After received the fishes , long story short , i felt *** !

They turn me off from ordering live fish online :( , guys ! Becareful and think twice before place an order from Somethingphishy .


Make sure u file a reversed charge to get your money back and a BBB report. Keith Titus is a fraud and this company is a fraud!

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