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I ordered a Rainbow Pleco from and requested a phone call to discuss the order. After 4 days of no personal contact I did some investigating and realized many people have been injured by this company. I contacted Chase Bank Fraud Division and reported my concerns, and that I want to get my money back and void my order. Chase confirmed that my shipment had not been mailed and immediately contacted Somethingsphishy's bank and returned my full payment to me. After I spoke with Chase I contacted somethingsphishy and these are the emails written back and forth:

I write: "Urgent: concerned customer

I haven't heard anything for 3 days and concerned this is either a scam or unmanned page. Either way I am going to cancel my order and report this site to credit bureaus and my bank if I don't hear anything by Monday. Please respond immediately!"

They write: "David,

It is unfortunate that you have become confrontational for absolutely no reason.

We received your order for one fish on Wednesday. Due to Thanksgiving, the next shipping day is Monday. Your order is scheduled to ship on Monday.

An order confirmation was e-mailed to you on Wednesday. Shipping information was also e-mailed to you on Wednesday and was also posted to your account history with a date and time stamp.

That is two e-mails you should have received. You could also have checked your order history on the website at any time. You have logged including today, so you should have already have seen the shipping information we posted to your account. If you did not receive the e-mails you should check your Spam Bin and/or contact your e-mail provider. Delivery of your e-mails is out of our control.

Thank You,


I reply: "Keith,

Cancel my order and refund the full balance of my payment $63.75."

They reply: "David,

We have already processed your order. All sales are final, as it stated on the website prior to you placing the order. I have copied our cancellation policy below. It was also posted to the website prior to you placing the order..

If you still wish to cancel your order, we can either refund 80% of your payment to your credit card or hold the entire payment to be applied to any future order.

If you do not wish to cancel your order, please e-mail us back and let us know.

If you want to cancel the order, please e-mail me back and say specifically that you want the order cancelled that you agree to the 20% cancellation fee. Once we receive that, we will process your 80% refund.



I reply: "Keith,

You can dispute this matter further with Chase Fraud Division; they have already contacted you."

They reply: "No one has contacted us despite your lie saying otherwise. No one ever will as there is no fraud.

The only problem here is an aggressive, mean, nasty customer (you). You will never get your money back unless you agree to the policy that was posted to the website prior to you placing the order. We are more than happy to hold your money forever waiting on your agreement. That is your only option.

This is our last reply to you ever."

Once again, I got every penny back thanks to my bank. DON'T LET THIS COMPANY HURT YOU!

Monetary Loss: $64.

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Wow, it sounds like they were very professional and only got angry when you were such a ***!! Their initial reply was very reasonable and appropriate.

All of your replies were ridiculous!! I do not blame them and I think their last comment about you sounds right on the mark.

Some propel (read smurf1) are just difficult for no reason. My experience in the 13 orders I have placed, all for much more than your tiny order of 68$, has been fantastic.

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