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"I just got my order from Somethingsphishy and all I can say is don't order from them.They didn't use a heat pack in the dead of winter and when the parcel arrived the water in the bags was 47 degrees.

Negligence on their part. Needless to say everything was dead.

They also charged double what it costs to ship for shipping charges ($85 instead of the usual $55 others charge) which they refuse to refund even though they didn't ship properly.So it appears that they win either way since they make money even if they have to refund the merchandise but not the shipping charges.

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Teaneck, New Jersey, United States #791129

Video of me opening the box:


:cry :cry You sound like you think your an expert?Why don't you post pictures of your dead fish along with this post....

It is easy to slander a business when all you have is meaning words. I have had good experience with them. Ordered many times and even during winter.

What kind of fish did you order?Some fish are very hard to acclimate and are not for beginners :? :? .

to anonymous2 #791120

Guess that's why you use anonymous2 as a handle.I don't bother with people who can't do better.

I didn't check their reviews here (all negative). I should have. Would have saved me time and money. I've been an Angelfish breeder for almost 40 years now.

I ship regularly without problems all over the US. Always with a heat pack in the winter. They didn't even use one. I video taped the opening of the box, clearly displayed the dead animals and yet they state that my video isn't enough to prove that they are really dead and now they are refusing the guarantee.

I'll post it to youtube shortly just for you!They are clearly a ripoff.

to SFOtter #795390

OMG!!SFOtter is a *** *** from San Fran.

type sfotter in a search engine and up pops his personal add looking for dates on a *** website and magazine. He has a twitter account with a picture of his own nasty-hairy crotch!! I saw his video, he is so disgusting, I couldn't watch the whole thing he is so *** and totally strung out. This drugged out aids looking sickly dude is the same guy in the above youtube video.

SFotter is a complete creep.

By the way his fish looked alive.What a freak :eek :eek :x :x

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